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“By the rosy cliffs of Devon, on a green hill’s crest,
I would build me a house as a swallow builds its nest;
I would curtain it with roses, and the wind should breathe to me
The sweetness of the roses and the saltness of the sea.”

-Amelia Josephine Burr

Traditional Pub With Great Food

Menu For August


Weekend Specials August 31-Sep 3

BBQ Chorizoroni Pizza
BBQ Chicken, pepperoni and
Chorizo With BBQ sauce.
9″ £8.95 14″ £10.95

Pan Fried Salmon
Butter pan fried salmon fillet
served with new potatoes and
seasonal veg.

Lamb Shanks
Slow cooked lamb shank in
a mint gravy, served with
creamy mash potatoes and peas.

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“When Adam and Eve were dispossessed Of the garden hard by Heaven, They planted another one down in the west, ‘Twas Devon, glorious Devon!”

 -Sir Harold Edwin Boulton

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Where be ye going, you Devon maid?
And what have ye there i’ the basket?
Ye tight little fairy, just fresh from the dairy,
Will ye give me some cream if I ask it?

John Keats

The Stables Tea Room

The Pack Horse
Plymouth Road
South Brent
01364 72283